This course is designed for all emphasis majors in the M.Ed. It emphasizes knowledge of various issues and simple statistical procedures used in educational research and program evaluation. Equal emphasis is given to qualitative and quantitative techniques. Experimental, quasi-experimental and non-experimental designs will be used that include historical, naturalistic study and/or ethnography. Processes to determine and use basic statistical data through computations will also be introduced.
Educational practices have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. New ideas regarding instructional methodology, curriculum design, classroom management, etc. are no longer being accepted simply because they are new or seem to be innovative in nature. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students are now questioning the effectiveness of current and future educational practices.
To adequately respond to these questions, systematic procedures must be utilized to accurately research, compile, evaluate, and report findings regarding educational productivity. This course is designed to provide the educational practitioner with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to effectively evaluate past, current, and future educational activities, and school improvement initiatives.