Art methods as applied by the teacher of art in the secondary school. Prerequisite: Fourth year standing in Art Education.

The class will prepare the student to plan art curriculum, and development of core levels of thought. This course integrates learning objectives and encourages the student to consider biological, psychological, linguistic, numerical and physical characteristics of the child in the process of designing art curriculum. In order to become a teacher of art, your present artistic skills and aesthetic views will benefit and strengthen your overall potential as an educator. This course will strengthen curriculum and design aligned with the Common Core concepts vital in 21st Century Learning environments.

Through art as a development tool, strategies for relevant application of the implementation of art as well as the development of imaginative curriculum and instruction, prospective art teachers use what they learn in the classroom to design art activities that support the development and growth of the child.

Students in this course will think critically in the process of aligning curriculum to learning objectives. The curriculum prepared typically includes: elements of art and principles of design. Attention is given to art activities that support character development and incorporation of Common Core concepts.